News Corp lobbyist 'good at charming those he needed to'

Fred Michel leaves the High Court as the Leveson Inquiry breaks for lunch Photo: Reuters

What Fred Michel is proving during the robust questioning from Robert Jay QC is that he was being very good at his job. As a lobbyist, he is clearly very good at pushing for information - very good at charming those he needed to charm.

It's why there were so many phone calls and texts with Jeremy Hunt's adviser Adam Smith - some late at night, some in the small hours of the morning.

But while he told the inquiry that he believes that whatever Mr Smith tells him "is the view of the Secretary of State" we are not any closer to knowning if Jeremy Hunt DID know the extent of the information his special adviser was passing to the man from News Corp.

For that we need to wait for Adam Smith's version of events. He is due to give evidence this afternoon. But I am now wondering if they will run out of time.