Big week at Leveson with Hunt and Blair to appear

Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, leaves his London home this morning Photo: Reuters

So it will be a big week at Leveson next week. Jeremy Hunt will finally get the chance to put his side of the story. He will appear at the Leveson Inquiry on Thursday. This could be the day that makes or breaks him.

The other big appearance next week is Tony Blair who will appear on Monday. Other Cabinet ministers including Theresa may and Michael Gove will also give evidence next week.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Credit: PA

The Prime Minister has been on ITV1's 'This Morning' sofa defending Jeremy Hunt, saying he made his decision in a proper way. But Labour is again calling on him to resign.

This morning we've heard more from Adam Smith, Jeremy Hunt's former adviser. He's been making clear that he wasn't a rogue adviser, that others in the department, including Mr Hunt, were aware of his contacts with Fred Michel, and raised no concerns.

He also denied some of the more damaging lines that Fred Michel, the News Corporation lobbyist suggested Mr Smith had told him. but he said he could see why the emails created a perception that suggests he was onside with News Corporation.