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The Diamond Generation: The former miner

This weekend the nation will begin a four-day long celebration of The Queen's 60-year reign.

Throughout the week ITV News will bring you the unique stories of Britons who were born in the year Elizabeth became our monarch in 1952.

The country has changed beyond recognition during the Queen's reign; in our first report Keith Neale, a former miner, spoke to Lewis Vaughan Jones about the changes he has seen.

Keith was 16 when he first went down in to the mines and at the time it seemed like a job that would last.

When the Queen visited a mine in 1958 more than 700,000 worked in mines - now it's just 6,000.

The Queen visits a mine in 1958

In 1984 came the year long the miner's strike, when those who worked under the ground rose up - but were beaten, Keith remembers the time well:

We went from having everything to having nothing, for a person with a family it's very hard.

Diamond Generation: Keith Neale

However looking at the site of his old pit Keith doesn't think his way of life has been completely lost to the past:

My personal philosophy is that the coal's still there. I'm sure that sometime in the future somebody will go for it - it won't be me. But I'm sure that's what'll happen