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Exclusive: UK suspects held over Bali drug haul named

Lindsey Sandiford has been accused of drug smuggling in Bali Photo: ITV News

British woman Lindsey Sandiford has been accused of hauling five kilos of cocaine into Indonesia, where drug smuggling is a capital offence. Indonesian police are also accusing 4 other suspects of being part of an international drug smuggling gang.

Rachel Dougall is among the three British suspects being held in Bali. She briefly spoke to ITV News' China Correspondent Angus Walker. Her partner Julian Ponder is also claiming that "it's a fit up".

The other British prisoner is Paul Beales, it is thought he also lived on the tropical island.

According to the police, the 55-year-old housewife from Redcar claims that her children were being threatened, forcing her to smuggle drugs in to the country. The allegations are being investigated.