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Lip-sync proposal couple 'touched' by response

The couple who took part in what they are calling the "world's first lip-dub proposal" have spoken to Ann Curry on NBC's Today show about how touched they are by the response their video has received.

The video of the novel proposal went viral yesterday and has now had almost 6 million views.Amy Frankel said that she barely breathed throughout the choreographed routine, until she saw her boyfriend (now fiance) coming down the road towards her.

She said that she could barely believe how many people had been involved and was in shock all evening:

I was completely overwhelmed and just floored, I was speechless all night. We had a party afterwards and I just stood there dumbfounded all night. It was amazing.

– Amy Frankel

They have also had the ultimate endorsement as Bruno mars - whose track 'Marry you' was used during the epic proposal - tweeted his approval:

Actor Isaac Lamb, who organised the surprise, told Ann Curry that the reception he has had online has been "moving."

It's really powerful to know that they've responded to something that I think is really genuine.

I think that people see the love that I have for her - the love that we all had for Amy in that moment.

It's really moving to know that it has touched so many peoples lives.

– Isaac Lamb