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The Diamond Generation: The soldier

Throughout this week, we've reported on the profound changes during the Queen's 60 year reign. We've brought you stories of the people all born in 1952 and the stories that tie them to the Britain of then and the Britain of now as part of our Diamond Generation.

Now Lewis Vaughan Jones reports on the Monarch and her military.

Dave Soane fought for Queen and country for 30 years.

Dave Soane completed fourteen tours with the parachute regiment in Belfast.

Troops have served in Northern Ireland for most of the Queen's reign, but last year there was a powerful symbol of reconciliation.

The Queen, who's cousin Lord Mountbaten was killed by the IRA, visited Ireland and remembered all those who had died during the Troubles.

When the Queen came to the throne soldiers were in Korea - there have been twenty conflicts during her 60 year reign.

The sovereign is the first person you take that oath to and I don't think there's a serviceman or servicewoman that when they make that statement don't mean it.

– Dave Soane
Dave Soane fought for Queen and country for 30 years

More than 3,000 soldiers have died serving the Queen.

I served under my oath for 27 years - she's still serving her oath sixty years later. They were interesting times, world changing times.

– Dave Soane

Tomorrow Lewis looks from fifties Britain to the modern age - the rise of women under Elizabeth's reign.

Women and work. We hear the story of Anne Thorne who fought sexism, smashed the glass ceiling and became her own boss.

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