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US Ambassador to UN warns over danger of spreading sectarian violence in Syria

The American Ambassador to the UN has warned that there was a real danger that the violence in Syria will spill over into other countries, creating a major crisis.

Her comments came after United Nations monitors reported finding another apparent massacre, this time in eastern Syria.

They discovered 13 bodies, handcuffed and blindfolded.

This report, by our International Editor, Bill Neely contains disturbing pictures of the bodies:

Susan Rice, the United States Ambassador to the UN, has outlined three possible outcomes in Syria.

She said that either the Annan six-point plan is implemented and the Syrian government lays down its arms, however she said that this "does not seem to be a high probability scenario."

Ms Rice went on to say that a second option could see the Security Council increasing pressure on the regime.

Finally the ambassador described the worse case, where the violence increases and spreads across the region and "we have a major crisis not just in Syria but in the region."