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Stray dog follows cyclists for 1,000 miles across China

Xiao Sa Photo: You Tube

Everyone knows a dog is a man's best friend, but one stray has taken friendship to extreme lengths.

Xiao Sa, a strag dog in China's Sichuan Province, was given a chicken leg by a cyclist on May 4th.

He began chasing the group of four cyclists, the start of a journey that would take him almost 1,139 miles to Lhasa on the Tibetan plateau. The journey took just under three weeks.

The cyclists named him Xiao Sa, meaning 'Little Bodhisattva'.

Xiao Sa became a mascot for the cyclists and they even attached a cage on the back of one of their bikes to give him an occasional rest from running.

At the end of their epic journey, Xiao Sa was given a full check-up by a vet. According to Beijing Cream, the bill was waived when the vet heard their amazing story.