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Jubilee service reader: 'I went a bit wrong'

Jemma Samuel of the St John's Ambulance has spoken to Mary Nightingale about how her reading of a prayer for the Queen during the Diamond Jubilee service of thanksgiving, 'went a bit wrong.'

Jemma had some problems with her reading when the page was turned to the wrong one and she began to read someone else's - but she recovered quickly and went on to finish.

Caitlin Ripley, a Scout, who also read during the service said: "it was such an honour to asked to do this. It's been an amazing opportunity it has been fantastic."

You can see Jemma's reading during the service here:

Despite her difficulties Jemma said she had still enjoyed being a part of the Diamond Jubilee:

It's amazing, everyone's so proud of me. It's something so good to do cause no-one will ever get to do it again.

– Jemma Samuel