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Jubilee and Olympic themed number plates go under the hammer

An auction of 1,750 personalised number plates takes place in London today.

Given the celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, royal-themed plates are likely to be popular. Both PR11 NCE and HA12 RRY carry a £2,000 reserve.

The Olympic-themed plates include:

  • 2012 OG
  • GO11 DEN
  • WON 601D
  • SEB 60E
'Prince Harry' - a potential bidder? Credit: DVLA

There are also a number of sports-related plates, including:

  • HU12 DLE for hurdlers
  • MEN 100M
  • RUN 100M
  • D155 CUS for discus-throwers
  • ASW 1M for the swimmers
  • GYM 734M for gymnasts

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is an official licensee of the 2012 Olympic Games. To mark the occasion it has upped the number of lots from the usual 1,500 this year and is also holding the auction in London for the first time in 12 years.

Some of the number plates going to auction Credit: DVLA

The number plates expected to fetch the highest prices are 70 O and 80 O, both carrying reserves of £5,000.

Certain celebrities might be interested in the following lots:

  • HO11 LLY for Holly Willoughby
  • DE12 MOT for Dermot OLeary
  • VE12 NON for Vernon Kay
  • JO12 DAN for Katie 'Jordan' Price or Formula One favourite Eddie Jordan

Football fans may be tempted by the FU11 HAM and WEM 613Y number plates.

Two of the top three positions in the DVLAs league table of football club-related registrations are held by London clubs.

WE57 HAM and AR53 NAL were auctioned in 2007 and 2004 for £57,000 and £36,000 respectively. V1 LLA holds the third spot, selling for £35,000 in November 2000.

The three-day auction beings at 9am today with the sale of 2012 OG. More information can be found here.