Duke of Edinburgh could spend his birthday in hospital

Prince Phillip is still in hospital recovering from a bladder infection. Photo: Press Association

The Duke of Edinburgh is to stay in hospital longer than expected. The Palace made the announcement, but gave no real reason for doing so.

The Duke has had health scares before, over Christmas he spent five days in hospital. He was then released having had treatment for a heart problem and didn't miss a beat, he was back on the road with the Queen looking great.

It is hard to read anything into this. The only statement we have had from the Palace was two days ago, in which all the indications said there wasn't any cause for alarm;The Duke was said to be improving, he was in good spirits, Prince Andrew went in to visit him and and came out and said he is mending very well, so this is all a bit of a surprise.

It is a particular surprise because his birthday is on Sunday and it would be a shame if he missed his birthday as well as missing Christmas.

The question is when will he be back touring with the Queen, and the answer is we will have to wait and see.