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Unilever 'restructure' is a bitter blow for Wales

Uniliver's site in Swansea, where proposals from the firm could lead to the loss of 225 jobs. Photo: ITV News

Unilever is proposing to close many sites across Wales. In Swansea 225 people will be affected, 25 down the road in Bridgend, 200 in north Wales and a further 250 in Slough.

Unilever say they are restructuring the business. They are transferring jobs to Wirral and creating 150 but for many in south Wales a relocation up there is simply unrealistic and many of the workers I’ve spoken to tonight are worried that they won’t find any jobs here.

"Youngsters have got more chance. I don't know about my age now whether I’d get anything but I have been here 13 years so I don’t know.

There's not a lot of work about anyway."

– Worker at Unilever’s Swansea site

That's the point: unemployment in Wales is at 9%. Swansea has been particularly hit by the public sector cuts so jobs are scarce.

Unilever is consulting on the proposals but if they decide to shut the factories then hundreds of people could be out of work by the end of next year.