World warned to act over West Africa hunger crisis

The world received a blunt warning today that it has just four weeks to help those affected by the food crisis in West Africa.

That's the time left before the rainy season - too late to save crops but brutal enough to make vast swathes of the region inaccessible to aid-workers and their life-saving cargo.

The British Government have provided an extra £5.4 million of funding today and tomorrow world leaders travel to Rio, 20-years after the first climate summit there once again to talk about the same issues in the same place - climate change and food shortages.

There is determination, there is perhaps guilt as well. After all thousands of lives were lost in the East Africa famine last year because of the world's slow response.

This crisis isn't of the same scale as last years but certainly there is a great deal of suffering here, particularly as we saw at the hospital here.

The world has been warned, but it has been warned many times before.

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