Jimmy Carr in the firing line as Cameron takes on tax avoidance

Jimmy Carr is one of thousands of top earners who invest in 'tax avoiding schemes' Photo: Press Association

The Government has been given the opportunity to restate that it intends to pursue anyone who is not paying their full share of tax. When they say 'anyone' they of course mean that this will include popular celebrities.

The Government is the moment looking at legislation for a general anti-tax avoidance rule, and I suspect this might now be fast-tracked.

To be frank, it was not what I expected to hear from the Prime Minister.

When I asked George Osborne at the G20 yesterday about the Jimmy Carr allegations he would not be drawn on an individual's tax status, but as I understand it, David Cameron got up this morning, read about the Jimmy Carr claims, and he said he would talk about the individual.

Why did he do that?

Well it is hard to argue for tax-avoidance of course, and then again it is harder still to argue with your Chancellor when he says that tax avoidance is "morally repugnant".