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Moving tributes to six children killed in house fire

Moving tributes were paid to six children, who were killed when a fire ripped through their home as they slept in their beds, at their funeral service.

The hearse carrying the body of Jade Philpott led the cortege

The children's coffins were carried to the funeral service on six horse-drawn carriages. The hearse carrying the body of Jade Philpott, 10, led the cortege with two horse wearing pink feathers.

Five more hearses, with horses wearing blue feathers, followed, carrying the bodies of her brothers John, nine, Jack, eight, Jessie, six, Jayden, five, and Duwayne, 13

Five hearses, with horses wearing blue feathers, carrying the bodies of the Philpott brothers who died in the house fire. Credit: PA Wire

The full requiem mass began with the priests greeting the coffins outside as the church bells rang out across Derby.

ITV Correspondent Paul Davies has the full report:

Jade's coffin had a pink princess on the front while the boys' coffins each had emblems, including toy soldiers on nine-year-old John's and the Derby County emblem on Duwayne's.

Each coffin bore the child's name.

The horse-drawn carriages carry the coffins to the church in Derby town centre. Credit: PA Wire

Family members and friends threw flowers at the coffins as they were carried into the church.Well-wishers wept outside as the coffins, which had flowers on top, were taken inside.

Their father Mick Philpott, 55, and mother Mairead, 31, have been charged with murdering all six children in the blaze and were not believed to be at today's service.

Individual tributes were read out in memory of each child during the funeral service held at St Mary's Catholic Church in Derby town centre.

The order of service also contained family tributes to the children. Duwayne, pictured wearing his school uniform, was described as being "a charming a caring young boy that was turning into a young man".

The 13-year-old, the eldest of the six children, was said to have taken on the role of "protector" of his younger siblings and enjoyed going to Derby County football games with his father Mick and his younger brothers.

It said: "Duwayne loved to spend his time with the family pet Crackle (African Grey parrot) who was always shouting after him and his mum Mairead."

Duwayne Ashley Philpott, 13, who died following a house fire in Derby. Credit: Order of Service

Jade was described as a "beautiful princess who had become a mother hen to her younger brothers".

It added: "She had a permanent smile of her face and was always content. She was full of energy and always tried to get involved with David, Richard and all the boys when they were having a rough and tumble, but was never allowed to get involved."

The 10-year-old was said to be well regarded at school, very intelligent and she would boost class morale.

Jade Louise Philpott, 10, who was killed in a house fire in Derby. Credit: Order of Service

John was said to be a "cheeky, chappy, always lively and ready to pick a fight with all the boy".

He was described as being "full of swagger and confidence" and a boy who teachers described as being "cheerful, smiley and polite".

He was also a Derby County supporter and his daredevil personality saw him compete with Duwayne in jumping off climbing frames on to the family trampoline. He wanted to pursue a career as a soldier in the Army.

John Simon David Philpott, 9, who was killed in a house fire in Derby. Credit: Order of Service

Jack was remembered a "pretty boy with bright blue eyes" who was "cute, cuddly and content with everything".

The tribute read: "He loved to spend most of his time on his Nintendo DS whilst his brothers and sister enjoyed the garden. He was smart and would complete computer games on the Nintendo Wii - a real computer geek."

Jack Elvis Aaron Philpott, 8, was killed in a house fire in Derby. Credit: Order of Service

Six-year-old Jesse was described as being a "crazy, clumsy and cheerful" little boy who would show off to everyone to get their attention.

The tribute read: "He was a loud character in the family and very mischievous; whenever he got into trouble he would storm off like a teenager to his room."

He was described as fearless, getting into scrambles with his brothers with no cares in the world.

Jesse James Philpott, 6, who was killed in a house fire in Derby. Credit: Order of Service

The youngest of the six, Jayden, was nicknamed "the miracle baby" by his parents after being born early. The five-year-old was described as being a bouncy and hyperactive boy, who always wanted to have fights with his older brothers.

The tribute said: "He loved lots of cuddles from family and friends.

"Jayden's main pleasure in life was food. He could eat seven packets of crisps in one go if he could get away with it.

"He would go into the garden clean and go back into the house messy within minutes."

Jayden Callum Philpott, five, who was killed in a house fire in Derby. Credit: Order of Service