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Royal Navy lens: award-winning images from active service

James Ross Island where HMS PROTECTOR helped the British Antarctic Scientists establish a temporary camp on the Island, whilst the Ship's Survey Motor Boat James Caird IV conducted Surveying Operations in the area Photo: Arron Hoare / MoD

The winners of the Royal Navy's annual photography competition, known as The Peregrine Trophy, were announced by the First Sea Lord at a ceremony in Greenwich last night.

The competition included entries from Naval photographers deployed in Afghanistan, on counter-piracy operations and other operations both abroad and in the UK.

HMS Protector's Royal Marine detachment's crevassing in Rothera, Antarctica Credit: Arron Hoare / MoD

The winning portfolio came from Leading Airman Arron Hoare, who captured these stunning images of the Antarctic's dramatic wilderness while he served in the ice patrol ship HMS Protector.

Divers from HMS PROTECTOR, off James Ross Island. Credit: Arron Hoare / MoD
The Bridge at night with Captain Sparkes at the helm as HMS PROTECTOR transits from James Ross Island through thick Ice Picture Credit: Arron Hoare / MoD
HMS Protector Ship's Company pay their respects to the personnel of Royal Navy ships, lost during the Falklands Conflict Credit: Arron Hoare

Other photographers were awarded for specific categories. Hamish Burke's picture below won the Maritime Air Award, for best photograph of one or more Royal Navy helicopters.

Royal Marines conducting a helicopter assault in the town of Alikosi in Helmand. Credit: Hamish Burke / MoD

Hamish Burke also won The Royal Navy ‘Life Without Limits’ Award for best photograph of a member of the Royal Navy undertaking their duties.

This picture below shows members of 30 Commando knuckle down on the challenging conditions of the Lashkar gah in Afghanistan.

Members of 30 Commando on the terrain of Laskar gah, Afghanistan. Credit: Hamish Burke / MoD

Another winner was Kyle Taylor for his picture of Royal Marines capturing Somali pirates off the coast of Yemen.

He won the Media Operations Category, awarded to the best single image that is judged to create the most impact as a news photograph.

A combined force of NATO led counter piracy assets intercept Yemeni 18, a Somali pirated vessel. Credit: Kyle Heller / MoD