1. ITV Report

Japanese robot has 100% Rock, Paper, Scissors win rate

A human's paper loses to robot's scissors. Photo: Ishikawa Oku Laboratory

A Japanese university say it has built a robot that wins the Rock, Paper, Scissors game every time - as long its opponent is human.

The machine, developed by the University of Tokyo, has a 100% success rate because it is able to recognise the human hand shape and respond with a winning gesture within one millisecond.

Whether or not its strategy constitutes cheating is up for debate.

According to USARPS, "America's official Rock, Paper, Scissors league":

The delivery of the shoot must be in sync with the opponent.

If the shoot or the pump is not in sync at any time, the referee may declare the action dead, or penalize the player at fault.

Point is: be in sync.