'Obamacare': Does it have the right to heal America?

We will soon know the fate of President Obama's radical reform of American health care. When it was signed into law two years ago, it was seen as the President's greatest achievement.

After decades of paralysis-through-analysis, after years of political failure, a mechanism had been found to provide insurance to the tens of millions of Americans unable to afford health care.

Or so it was thought. But a series of legal challenges from Republicans has now culminated with the imminent ruling by the United States Supreme Court.

President Obama Credit: Reuters

The question is simple, even if the outcome may be complex: Can the government insist that Americans buy health care insurance? Or is that an infringement of their liberty?

Stay tuned. At 3pm UK time, Americans will learn what the nine Supreme Court Justices decide. And the President will learn whether his signature political accomplishment has ended up shredded by a right-wing Court.

The American TV networks, with just a little hyperbole, are calling it "Decision of the Century."