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Video: Humpback whale dramatically saved from shark net

Rescue workers struggle to free the whale after she got caught in a shark net Photo: Reuters

Rescuers have freed a humpback whale after it became trapped in a shark net off Australia's Gold Coast.

Footage from Sea World Gold Coast and Australia's Nine Network show the female struggling to free herself.

The female humpback whale became entangled in a shark net Credit: Reuters

Two other humpbacks, believed to be the whale's companions, circled nearby.

The rescue crew from the nearby Sea World said it was difficult to free her, as the nets were entangled around her head and also around her left pectoral fin.

Rescue workers say it was a difficult job to free the whale Credit: Reuters

When rescuers first approached the whale, she dived to avoid them.

Sea World said the whale suffered some superficial cuts, but was otherwise fine.