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Panda cubs playing on a slide cause panda-monium

A panda cub takes a tumble while on a slide at China's Chengdu Panda Base Photo: YouTube/Chengdu PAW

A group of panda cubs show their playful side as they throw themselves down a slide in a video released by China's Chengdu Panda Base.

The cute pandas follow their carer skidding down the custom-built wooden slide and land in a heap at the bottom.

One small panda takes a tumble after hurling itself down a bit too vigorously. However, it manages to land safely without a scratch.

Another creative cub even tries to climb up the slide, but after facing the camera looking tired, it only manages to slide back down into the pandas waiting below.

Pandas gather in a heap at the bottom of the slide Credit: YouTube/Chengdu PAW

The video was released to mark Panda Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness of the work being done at the base to protect and breed giant pandas.

The existence of giant pandas is being threatened by changes made to their environment by both nature and mankind.

A panda cub looks tired climbing back up the slide Credit: YouTube/Chengdu PAW

What's more entertaining than watching a panda playing on a slide? Watching 4 pandas playing on a slide! :)

– Chengdu Panda Awareness Week

The Chengdu Panda Base is dedicated to saving and nurturing giant pandas.