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World's tallest Lego tower built in Windsor

The world's tallest structure made from Lego has been built in Windsor this morning. The record-breaking tower reaches thirty-two metres and sixteen centimetres.

The tower is 32 metres and 16 centimetres. A world record Credit: Facebook: Official Legoland Windsor
The record breaking tower at Windsor Credit: Legoland Windsor
The different bits of the tower were hoisted on top of each other. Credit: Legoland Windsor

The actual building began on Tuesday July 3, and was finished and measured this morning.

Hundreds of volunteers used more than half a million lego bricks to complete the tower, made entirely of 160 x 20 cm lego bricks, which were gradually hoisted into place to form the tower.

Part of the Lego tower yesterday afternoon. Credit: Facebook: Official Legoland Windsor

The new tower beats the record set in Seoul, South Korea in May. To beat the record Legoland Windsor had to create a structure more than 31.9 metres high.

Legoland Windsor announced on their facebook page that the new tower was taller than any other in the world:

You did it! Thank you to the thousands of people who helped us break the world record for the tallest LEGO tower, and here is the proof - 32m and 16cm