Providing credit to small businesses in Uganda

These children will be the ones to benefit from the finance plan. Photo:

We ended day 3 just outside Kampala in a village hushed by church services but also busy with the daily grind of making ends meet.

Geoff Dennis , Care International UK CEO and I met a group of kids, keen to be in a 'happy snap' and we were happy to oblige.

They are the future of this high birth-rate, low life-expectancy country. They will farm, trade, process and work in the rural sector. But with a bit of luck and guidance from Care International UK, Plan International and Barclays, this group may also include future salesmen and women, retailers and even manufacturers.

It is up to them but Banking on Change gives them a chance that just wasn't there before. I am glad to have seen the work in action and honoured to be asked to help .

This evening, before preparing to return to the UK, we have a meeting with the local representatives of DfID, the UK Government's overseas aid and development department, people from the EU, and a couple from one or two other charities .

I fear a 'spaghetti soup' of acronyms will be on the menu! However what matters is this real collaboration between the two charities I am involved with - Care and Plan - the financial muscle of Barclays and the technical and logistical people on the ground. To the 'clients' in the field the 'how' doesn't matter that much: to them its the 'what' and 'when'.

They dictate the terms of the loans, and the plan is to enable them to be confident and secure in what is happening in their lives. The effect is transformational and durable - well beyond the days of tin-rattling and temporary solutions.

I hope to come back in a few years to see those green-shoots covering an acreage of hope.