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Blindfolded Chinese tightrope walker survives high-wire fall as he walks backwards

Chinese tightrope walker Aisikaier suffered minor injuries after falling off a high-wire Photo: Reuters

A Chinese tightrope walker suffered minor injuries after falling off a high-wire, as he attempted to walk backwards and blindfolded across a ravine in central China.

Aisikaier fell from a high-wire 200 metres (656 feet) above the ground during the attempted crossing in Pingjiang, Hunan Province, state media reported.

He had taken no safety precautions and held only a six metre pole for balance.

He appeared to stumble early in the walk and sat down on the highwire to regain his balance.

Aisikaier was just 40 metres (131 feet) from the end of the 700-metre (2,297 feet) walk when he lost his footing and fell.

He was found by rescuers and brought to safety, According to CCTV, he only suffered minor injuries. Aisikaier said he felt dizzy after more than 50 minutes of walking, and the wind also affected his balance, CCTV reported.