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Rain likely to persist until weekend with risk of flash floods

A house ready for possible flash floods in the Midlands Photo: ITV Central

At risk of sounding like a broken record, more rain is forecast for today.

The Jet Stream continues to drive low pressure systems, and subsequently more wet weather, on to our shores for the next few days at least.

There will be showery outbreaks of rain across southern Britain before drying up later on.

Workers clear rubble that has been washed down from the hills by flash floods in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire Credit: Sam Beattie/PA Wire

For northern Britain, the rain will become much more substantial and the Met Office has already issued several weather warnings.

The rain will pep up across much of northern England, with heavy thundery downpours possible through the Pennines.

Scotland will also be plagued by another batch of steady, relentless rain – persisting across central and eastern areas well into tomorrow morning.

Environment Agency workers finishing a flood wall in Neasham near Darlington, County Durham Credit: Twitter/Environment Agency Yorkshire and North East

Most areas will collect another inch or so of rain with up to two inches across Scotland. With the ground already saturated, there will be a renewed flood risk across many regions.

If the wet weather wasn’t enough to dampen our mood, it is also feeling cooler. It will be very cool and miserable where it stays grey and wet and this coming night temperatures could fall low enough for a touch of grass frost in rural spots of the West Midlands and Wales.

There is a glimmer of hope by the latter stages of the weekend though. High pressure will try to build from the South West bringing a chance of a drier respite, ideally with some sunshine!

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