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The cold-blooded killing of an innocent girl

Casey Kearney was found lying fatally injured in Elmfield Park, Doncaster in February. Photo: Family handout

Casey Kearney died because through no fault of her own she happened to walk on the same path as woman who wanted to kill someone. The single stab wound was deep and intentional and when Hannah Bonser inflicted it she knew it would have the capacity to kill.

Hannah Bonser has been found guilty of the murder of the murder of Casey Kearney. Credit: Press Association

Bonser's defence had tried to portray her as a mentally ill woman and while they did not convince the jury, there is little doubt she was unwell.

An alleged paranoid schizophrenic, she was known to both the medical establishment and her friends as a someone who thought of killing people. She described voices in her head instructing her to kill and she believed that Casey's death was committed by an 'evil spirit' who had raided her body.

Mourners lay tributes following the death of Casey Kearney. Credit: Press Association

Medical staff were not convinced that Bonser was the delusional victim she portrayed herself as being. The jury agreed.

Hannah Bonser murdered Casey Kearney, it was no accident. A cold-blooded killing of an innocent young girl on her way to a half-term sleepover with friends.

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