The Prime Minister needs a holiday, not more questions

David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions Photo:

Watching Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) today, it was impossible to avoid the conclusion that David Cameron badly needs a holiday.

It used to be said that he modelled himself on Tony Blair. If so, the policy isn't working any more. Even at the end, Tony Blair was the master of the chamber at PMQs. He was always relaxed and easy and charming, looking over his reading glasses with an amused grin at the young Cameron, as a venerated professor might do to a promising pupil.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair and David Cameron as Leader of the Opposition in action Credit: PA Wire

In the Brown and early Miliband years, Blair's assessment of his protégé seemed apt. To be blunt, Cameron dominated the House. He exhibited a touch of Flashman at times, it is true, but he was effective and often funny.

But these days, he is just Mr Angry. Ed Miliband has radically transformed his own performances and comes across as relaxed, confident and affable and this has evened things out. But if the Government is making a lot of mistakes, Mr Miliband still has plenty of weaknesses; his policy on too many issues is all for having his cake and eating it.

Tony Blair laughs during Prime Minister's Questions Credit: PA Wire

Many Tories think David Cameron could and should be doing better. Constantly snarling at his opponent and calling him pathetic (which Ed Miliband increasingly isn't) just isn't working.

The Prime Minister looks like a man who needs to go and sit on a beach, recharge and reboot. But then, he is probably not alone in that.

Tony Blair during his final Prime Minister's Questions Credit: PA Wire