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Tory MP Anne Marie Morris steals show at PMQs with ear-busting outburst

Some blamed too much caffeine, others thought it might have something to do with painkillers she was taking for her injured shoulder.

But everyone agreed that Tory MP Anne-Marie Morris, with her blood vessel-popping outburst, stole the show today at Prime Minister's Questions.

She took to her feet with a grey sling supporting her left arm after she damaged tendons in her shoulder during an accident moving office equipment around her home.

Cue loud cheers from the Conservative benches as she asked the Prime Minister something about the Government promising university technical colleges more money.

Nobody could make head nor tail of it as she screamed louder and louder to make her voice heard over the din of the Commons.

North Wilts MP James Gray, sat to Morris' left, looks on as the Newton Abbot MP delivers her question. Credit: PA

Veteran MP James Gray sat back as far as he could, conscious no doubt of taking one in the eye at any moment.

"This Government has a great record on education reform," Ms Morris cried - the Tory benches erupted.

"Given the huge success of the university technical college initiatives, will you please confirm you will support a further round of applications this autumn and that funding is available so that businesses, universities..."

At this point Speaker John Bercow felt it time to call for some calm, lest she inflict serious damage.

SNP member of parliament Angus MacNeil has an alternative theory: