Coalition differences set aside as multi-billion pound rail improvement is announced

Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg give a speech at the Soho Depot in Smethwick. Photo: Press Association

The IMF have produced a report this afternoon downgrading their expectations of growth in the UK Economy both this year and next.

The economy has been struggling for some time now and it would be political suicide to consult the electorate in these terms, If they see that you've fallen out over a spat on Lords reform and boundary changes - which a lot of voters don't care much about.

It often gets like this at this time of year -things get febrile, it's the very end of the parliamentary session.

Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg will be very much hoping their MPs go away tomorrow, preferably sit on a beach and calm down and are abit more rational when they come back in September.

The difficulty is the Lib Dems feel they are taking a pasting in all kinds of ways and they do, it seems, want somethinghard and political out of this coalition.

Lords reform is what they are focused on, they know the electorate don't care - but they care a lot.

That does still have the capacity to drive division.

The question is: will the Conservatives decide at some point - we're fed up with this and we'll go it alone? That remains a possibility.

But it is not likely that they will consult the electorate any time soon.

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