G4S tells retired police 'we don't need you'

G4S were turning retired police officers away from positions Photo: Press Association

It seems extraordinary, but tonight ITV News has been shown an e-mail that appears to confirm reports from security firms that G4S is turning them away.

Anyone in the military who has had to cancel holiday or those in the police called in to fill the gaps in Olympic security will surely despair to read this.

It appears the National Association of Retired Police Officers has been talking to G4S about providing people to help plug the gap in staff.

Then this morning at 07.41 they received this e-mail from a G4S staff member:

Dear all

Although your skills and experience are extremely valued by G4S Policing Solutions, I have been informed that at present G4S no longer wishes to recruit any additional staff for the Olympics, with the deployment of the military and extra police resources it has been deemed that any further recruitment is surplus to requirements.

I would like to apologise on behalf of G4S for engaging you in a recruitment process that has turned out to be no longer necessary and I would like to thank you for your ongoing interest and support throughout the last week.

If you are currently not registered with G4S Policing Solutions however and would like to be contacted regarding future vacancies in your local area, internationally or nationwide please feel free to let me know by either phone or email.

Again many thanks for your interest in joining G4S to help secure the Olympic games,

Kindest regards,

G4S has finished recruiting and said tonight:

There are restrictions we face involving the necessary training, vetting and accreditation of any additional staff we can take on. Where a source of extra recruits is suitable we are examining how and when they can be used.

But retired police officers would seem just the sort of staff that can be guaranteed to turn up.

And, of course, take the pressure off current service police officers and the military.