The full scale of the G4S shortfall revealed

Soldiers walk past the Olympic Stadium and Orbit Tower in east London. Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Tonight ITV News can reveal that the failure in Olympic security recruitment is of a far greater scale than has been reported.

During evidence to the Home Affairs select committee today the G4S Chief Executive said he is aiming to guarantee a minimum of 7,000 security guards. G4S and Locog have confirmed to us that this means there is a shortfall of more than 6,000.

This is how the maths works:

  • G4S had aimed to provide 10,400 ordinary members of the public.
  • But in addition 3,000 students were to be recruited.
  • A total of 13,400.

Today G4S said it will have a minimum of 7,000 recruits – we’ve learnt that includes both public and students. Meaning the shortfall is actually a staggering 6,400.

Last week the military said it would provide 3,500 extra guards, sources say this should be enough in part because all of those military personnel are guaranteed to turn up.

But there are still questions tonight about whether more military will be needed.