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Yahoo poaches Google executive to revive business

Yahoo has poached one of Google's first employees as its third chief executive in a year as the company tries to turn round its struggling fortunes.

Marissa Mayer during her time at Google unveiling 'Google Instant' Credit: Reuters

37-year-old Marissa Mayer has been a key player in the success of Google and was the company's first female engineer.

She was instrumental in envisioning the clean, simple Google search interface which is still used today.

Mayer, who is six months pregnant, says she's well aware of the task she faces.

This is a very competitive and a tough space. I don't think that success is by any means guaranteed. My focus is always end-users, great technology and terrific talent.

– Marissa Mayer
. Credit: Reuters

Mayer will start her new role today with the company due to report its quarterly financial results.

Her appointment caps a turbulent year at Yahoo.

  • In May, Scott Thompson resigned as CEO after less than 6 months on the job as a controversy flared up over his academic record
  • Thompson replaced the controversial Carol Bartz, fired in September after failing to revitalize Yahoo
  • Yahoo had been widely expected to hire acting Chief Executive Ross Levinsohn who in his few months in charge tried to push a strategy of forging media partnerships to beef up the company's online content

Mayer describes herself as a "geek" with a Masters in computer science.

She is also a big fan of fashion and has a love for all things Oscar de la Renta.