Cameron: 'Military ready for any contingency'

There is only one thing that connects Camp Bastion in Afghanistan with the Olympic Park in London - and it's not the weather.

In searing 45C heat, the Prime Minister was asked both to justify the role of the military at the Games thousands of miles away and insist it is has no impact on the main focus for defence chiefs: Afghanistan.

David Cameron said he "saluted" the men and women being mobilised after the failure of G4S to provide security staff and he hinted the military is about to be called on again adding "we are ready for any contingency."

Less than two weeks after announcing which regiments and battalions would be hit to meet government plans to cut the size of the Army by a fifth, it seems the military could provide as many as 6,000 additional personnel for London 2012.

It would bring the total military commitment to the Olympics to nearly 20,000.

In Helmand Province, the Prime Minister says more British troops WILL pull out next year.

Britain has only confirmed 500 fewer will be in the country by the end of 2012.

Commanders however have urged the Prime Minister for many troops in Afghanistan - for as long as possible.

Britain's combat here ends in 2014.