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Shafilea Ahmed's mother gives evidence in court

Shafilea Ahmed's mother Farzana (front centre) has been giving evidence today. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

A mother accused of murdering her own daughter has denied any involvement in her child's death.

Farzana Ahmed was giving evidence at Chester Crown Court before a jury who must decide if she and her husband Iftikhar murdered Shafilea at the family home in Warrington, Cheshire in September 2003.

Both deny the charge.

Within one minute of taking the oath Mukhthar Hussain QC asked Mrs Ahmed, "Did you kill Shafilia your daughter?"

"No," she replied.

"Did you play any part in her killing?"

"No," she said.

"Did you see Shafelia being killed?"

"No," she insisted.

Asked when she last saw her daughter alive she told the court September 11th 2003.

Mr Mukthar then asked, "Who was the last person to see her alive on September 11th?"

"My husband," she replied.

In the dock Iftikhar Ahmed sat with his chin resting in his left hand as he listened to his wife's evidence.

The trial continues.