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Olympic Games soldiers charged to use showers at London swimming pool

St George's Pool leisure centre in east London where soldiers have had to pay to shower Photo: ITV News

Soldiers drafted in to help cover security at the Olympics have been charged to use shower facilities at a nearby swimming pool, close to the building where they are being housed.

The Armed Forces personnel based at Tobacco Dock in east London have confirmed to ITV News they have been charged £1 to use showers at the St George's Pool leisure centre.

Shower facilities have now arrived at the Wapping base where 2,500 soldiers have been living for the past few days.

But we have been told by an Army press officer based at the site that they have been charged to use the showers and negotiations are taking place to try and reduce the cost or even make it free.

Tower Hamlets council, who owns the leisure centre, have yet to comment.

The Ministry of Defence has said: "No-one is being forced to pay for showers. Personnel at Tobacco Dock have access to showers on site."


A Downing Street spokesman has told ITV News a "small logistical unit", including an unspecified number of troops, were paying £1 for showers while they were setting up the shower unit. However, the unit is now in place and the troops will be refunded, if they have not been so already.