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Weather to (finally) get better

The sun rises over St Paul's Cathedral, London. Photo: PA

Following several weeks of torrential rain across the the UK, the weather is finally getting better for many regions.

Large parts of England and Wales are experiencing drier conditions, with bright or sunny spells and temperatures currently in the low 20s Celsius. Temperatures are set to soar even higher in the next few days.

However, the north and west of the UK are experiencing some rain, including heavy showers, with gusty winds, according to the Met Office.

There has been a lot of discussion about the position of the jet stream in connection with the recent wet conditions. The Met Office says the jet stream is the narrow band of quick moving winds which runs from west to east across the Atlantic high up in the atmosphere.

Weather (or low pressure) systems bringing rain move across the Atlantic regularly. The jet stream guides these systems, so its position is crucial for UK weather.

Sunbathers in St James Park, London. Credit: PA

In summer the jet stream is usually north of the UK – taking wet weather away from the UK to give us drier weather.

But so far this year it has been to the south of the UK, guiding those systems straight to us.

This is the location we would normally expect for the winter months, when wet conditions are more usual.

According to the Met Office the jet stream is now in its more usual position to the north of the UK, guiding rain-bearing low pressure systems from the Atlantic away from the UK.

This is the reason we are seeing a return to more normal summer weather, with the south and east seeing the best of any drier and brighter conditions.

So finally, the summer should begin this week.

Sisters Ella (right) , aged eight, and Lilly, aged four, run through the fountains in Nottingham's Old Market Square. Credit: PA