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Wave of deadly attacks in Iraq 'kill at least 107'

A policeman stands guard at the site of a bomb attack in Kirkuk, 250km (155 miles) north of Baghdad Photo: Reuters

At least 107 people have been killed and more than 200 wounded after a wave of bomb and gun attacks across Iraq.

It is the bloodiest day of the year in the country.

The violence in 13 Iraqi cities and towns including Baghdad, Taji and Kirkuk appears to have been coordinated as the attacks all took place within a few hours of each other.

They were aimed mostly at security forces and government officials.

As yet no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks

One of the worst attacks took place in the Sunni town of Taji, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the capital.

Six explosions, including a car bomb, went off near a housing complex. A seventh blast there caused carnage among police who had arrived at the scene.

In total, 32 people were killed, including 14 police, and 48 wounded, 10 of them police, according to Reuters.

Residents inspect the site of a car bomb in the town of Taji Credit: Ahmed Malik / Reuters

Two car bombs struck near a government building in Sadr City, Baghdad, and in the mainly Shi'ite area of Hussainiya on the outskirts of the capital, killing a total of 11 people and wounding 73, police said.

In the northern city of Kirkuk, five car bombs killed six people and wounded 17.

At least 16 soldiers killed by gunmen in north of the country, according to police and army sources.

Army Captain Yasir Abdullah told Reuters that the gunmen used machine guns and hand grenades in the attack on a military post near Dhuluiya, 70 km (45 miles) north of Baghdad.

There were also attacks in the province of Diyala, and the town of Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad.

Residents gather at the site of a car bomb attack in Mahmudiya Credit: Reuters

On Sunday, car bombs in two towns south of Baghdad and in the Iraqi city of Najaf killed at least 20 people and wounded 80.

In June, at least 237 people were killed and 603 wounded in attacks, making it one of the bloodiest months since US troops withdrew in December.