Borders strike non-agreement: who really won?

Members of the Italy Olympic Team arrive at Heathrow Airport yesterday. Photo: PA

How come there is such disagreement about the Home Office agreement with the union?

Never have two sides to a dispute had an agreement that they disagree so much about.

Within hours of a High Court clash this lunchtime, and within a day of an Olympic walkout, the PCS union said such "progress" had been made that tomorrow's one day day strike was off.

It said 1,100 new jobs had been promised. So had the union won, gaining new concessions on jobs? Not according to the Immigration Minister Damian Green. He says there are no new jobs.

It's a bizarre non-agreement that has averted a strike.

In investigating who is right, I've been shown 800 current jobs adverts for the Border Agency. Page after page: admin officers, executive officers...but these don't nail it down either, because the Home Office is claiming the jobs are filling existing vacancies.

Tomorrow's planned strike may be off - but you can see from those opposing views that these two sides are still very far from seeing eye to eye.