Downing Street turns down London 2012 cameo for PM

The North/South Korean flag shambles is like something out of the fictional (is it fictional?) BBC Olympics comedy "TwentyTwelve".

And it turns out it's on the PM's chillaxing DVD list. The BBC chairman gave him the boxset and he'll settle down to watch it after the Olympics. Hope he doesn't find it mirrors what actually happens at the Olympics.

Zara Dampney from Great Britain's Women's Volleyball team Credit: Julien Behal/PA Wire

But the Olympic organisers nearly dragged the PM into his own bit of 2012. With the beach volleyball court backing onto Downing Street, there was a desire by Olympic bosses for Mr Cameron to have a cameo role, filmed pressing play on the music that blares out of the speakers in between points. Spinning of course happens in politics, but the idea of DJ Dave was swiftly rejected by No 10.

Sounds like something 2012's Siobhan Sharpe would suggest. "Like, totally, cool, shut up, yeah."