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Kate shows off sporting skills ahead of Olympics

The Duchess of Cambridge plays table tennis during a visit to a college in Rotherhithe. Photo: PA Wire

The Duchess of Cambridge played table tennis, tried out some judo moves and even kicked a football at the launch of a new sports project.

Kate was visiting an academy school in south-east London with her husband, Prince William, and brother-in-law, Prince Harry, when she showed off her natural sporting abilities.

The three young royals were attending the launch of a new project that is being supported by their charitable foundation.

Kate concentrates as she hits the ball across the table. Credit: PA Wire

In recognition of London hosting the Olympics, which the Queen opens tomorrow, the foundation has created a sports programme - Coach Core - with the organisation Greenhouse, one of the charities that benefited from the Cambridges' wedding fund.

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrates after she hits a winning shot. Credit: PA Wire

Youngsters playing judo, basketball, five-a-side football and table tennis were put through their paces by the coaches.

The Coach Core programme is being piloted by Greenhouse and will train 16 to 19-year-olds to become qualified coaches and mentors for their schools and communities.

Kate tried out some judo moves during her visit to the academy school. Credit: PA Wire

William even commended his wife on her sporting excellence - but joked he was like a "giraffe on ice" on a football field.

She was put through her paces by the coaches. Credit: PA Wire

He said: "Watching me on the football field is never a pretty sight - the expression giraffe on ice springs to mind. However, it is marginally less embarrassing than seeing my brother cheat his way to becoming the fastest man on the planet.

"Catherine, on the other hand, with a tennis racket or a hockey stick is something to behold and be aware of."

The Duchess of Cambridge even kicked a football as she strolled across the pitch. Credit: PA Wire

William walked on to the five-a-side football pitch where dozens of schoolchildren were practising shooting, dribbling and passing skills.

Prince William fires a football during towards the net during shooting practice. Credit: PA Wire

The Duke was joined by Michael de Giorgio, chief executive of Greenhouse, and chatted to some of the coaches who were taking the lessons.

But William could not resist joining in and lined up with a group of youngsters for shooting practice.