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'Happiest Olympic worker' video is online sensation

A video of an 'enthusiastic' Olympic worker has become one of the Games' more unexpected successes.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube on July 27th, has had nearly 400,000 views already.

"My mouth is dry, I need some water, but I'm still talking because I'm that happy I'm going to overcome it," Rachel Onosanwo is seen to say.

"I cannot contain my excitement everybody - today is special day we are going to be telling our children's, children's, children's, children's, children about this day."

But off camera, onlookers can be heard giggling as her 'dry' delivery struggles to match the enthusiasm her words might suggest.

Westfield Stratford shopping centre worker Olly Gourley said he was finishing a shift when he filmed the clip, and had already been listening to her for up to three hours before.

"It was just a snippet of her genius," he tweeted.

Speaking to Australia's Channel 7, Onosanwo explained her methodology.

"Naturally, the way I speak, I wouldn't be able to be over the top like that," she said.

"Then as I was speaking and I realised that my voice was very monotone - I thought I might as well play with that...and just say that I was excited rather than show it in my voice."

But she said she's doesn't take for granted her opportunity.

"It looks a bit like sarcasm, but I'm actually being serious - I do love the job!"