Lawyers call for better protection for British woman in Bali jail

Lindsay Sandiford Photo: REUTERS/Stringer

Lawyers for Lindsay Sandiford, the 56-year-old British woman accused of smuggling almost five kilos of cocaine into Bali in May, have written to the British Embassy and the Indonesian Ministry of Justice claiming she is being threatened inside jail.

In the letter, her legal team appeal for "special protection" for their client, asking that Lindsay "be kept away from all forms of threats and pressure".

Her lawyers argue that she is a "whistle blower" and they also call for better conditions behind bars, including more vegetarian food.

Lindsay Sandiford is paraded in front of the media with the drugs haul she is accused of carrying

Lindsay Sandiford was arrested at Bali airport on 19 May.

The customs chief told ITV News that they had intelligence which led officers to believe she would be carrying drugs. After she was caught, a sting operation was set up by the police and customs with Lindsay Sandiford's co-operation, which led to the arrests of another three British suspects, who lived on Bali, and one Indian man.

Sandiford, a former legal secretary who lived in Redcar and Cheltenham, has already been isolated from other prisoners because she claimed she was being threatened.

She is being held on her own in a cell inside the police headquarters on the Indonesian island. If found guilty, she faces the death penalty for drug trafficking.