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Gold and silver medals for GB in the canoe-slalom

GB's David Florence and Richard Hounslow with their silver medals celebrate with Tim Baille and Elienne Stott with their gold medals. Photo: PA Wire

Great Britain claimed gold and silver in the two-man canoe slalom in front a jubilant home crowd.

Etienne Stott and Tim Baillie won gold in a time of 106.41 seconds, followed by Richard Hounslow and David Florence who registered a time of 106.77 seconds to claim silver.

It meant despair for three-time Olympic champions, twin brothers Pavol and Peter Hochschorner of Slovakia, who took bronze.

Stott and Baillie won gold in a time of 106.41 seconds in front of a roaring home crowd, followed by Hounslow and Florence who registered a time of 106.77 seconds to take silver.

Stott told BBC Three it felt like a dream:

It's weird, it could have been a disaster and now it's a dream. We did feel the pressure but for me I thought we needed something to go right today. There is nothing taken for granted in this sport and getting to the final was amazing.

Stott said the win was a "great script from Great Britain and it's a great script for canoeing." His partner Baillie said he was delighted that Florence and Hounslow finished second:

To win is mad and for these boys [Florence and Hounslow] to finish second, the run we had, I was hoping it might be good enough for a medal but I didn't expect that.

I don't think surreal really covers it. It's crazy. I think I will bask in the happy, strange glow for a few days. Coming in we weren't favourites or anything. The sport is so topsy-turvy, we could have gone out in qualifying. You just never know

Silver medalist Florence said he was not disappointed to come second:

We are one team, it's all about Team GB but we wanted to put a result in. We attacked it hard all the way down but it was a sprinter's finish.