Scrapping House of Lords reform will send Team LD home empty handed

Plans to scrap House of Lords reform could cause a big rift in the Coalition Photo: Oli Scarff/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The House of Lords.

Remember that place?

It's a bit like an Olympic stadium in which the participants are well above the national average age, where one of their most successful disciplines is upsetting the progress of government legislation.

The government had planned a shake-up to change the rules on who can and cannot take part. In the future, they'd hoped, 8 out of 10 members of the upper chamber would be elected.

Once in the stadium, they'd be allowed to stay there for 15 years.

And they'd change the name of the participants from Lords to senators.

But it seems David Cameron is about to throw in the towel and will admit as early as next week that he can’t get those plans past Team Tory.

91 Conservative members in the neighbouring stadium (House of Commons) already voiced their concerns by voting against the government plans last month. They are still in no mood for compromise.

Very few members of the public care about the sport known as House of Lord reform. Very few watch it either.

But Team LibDem care about it a lot. For them the sport is about reforming an outdated pillar of our democracy and one which all parties promised to support at the last election.

But Team LibDem will be going home empty handed.

Will they threaten revenge or consequences? We don’t yet know. But after supporting all sorts of Team Tory sports since the election despite not liking them very much - they will be bitterly disappointed.

Nick Clegg will not have a medal to show off.

And he needs to earn one soon.

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