A spot of daytime TV leaves David Cameron's PR team red faced

David Cameron hasn't missed anything out from his 'working set' Photo: Twitter/@Number10gov

It started with a tweet from @Number10gov showing our Prime Minister sitting in a casual T-shift, a Union Jack logo clearly visible to the camera, a remote control hanging lightly from his hand, engrossed in the moment before Britain took gold in the women's boxing.


Pic: PM in Downing St watching Nicola Adams make Olympic history by becoming first woman to win boxing gold. http://t.co/z8RNUFMF

It was presumably a small PR gesture to show the PM in patriotic spirits.

But it only took minutes for tweeters and politicians to spot a political moment of humour too good to miss:


@number10gov I almost feel sorry for you sitting there all alone in your new T-shirt with just you and the photographer.


@sallybercow @johnprescott That was hurriedly photoshopped, this is waht he was really watching at the time! http://t.co/8dlG5zGL

Sally Bercow joked that the PM was really watching a children's TV show Credit: @Iain1970

Karl Turner MP for Hull East took things into his own hands and started a domino effect of parodies, tweeting "Me watching Emmerdale!"

An MP tries to recapture David Cameron's pose Credit: @KarlTurnerMP

And there followed spoof after spoof of David Cameron's daytime TV viewing pose. He even got his own hashtag - #AlaDave:

@FionaLaird tweeted: My cat watching Brief Encounter Credit: @fionalaird
@PhilSmithyy joked: "My 5 pigs watching the Kardashians. Credit: @PhilSmithyy

But David Cameron wasn't the only leader appearing in snaps on Twitter today.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg met, rapper Tinchy Stryder.

The Music producer and rapper Dirty Dangerous uploaded a picture of the politician and music star together to Twitter, with the accompanying tweet: "In the team gb house chilling with my bro @tinchystryder and my boynick clegg he's really cool guy ????".

Tinchy Stryder, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and MC and producer Dirty Dangerous Credit: DIRTDAVID RUFF SQWAD Twitter

But it appears that didn't do too much for his coolness factor either. Tweeters seemed to think that the musicians and politician should keep to their own:


oh dear god tinchy stryder is "chilling" with nick clegg, intensely embarrassed for everyone involved


You know what's worse then that No.10 picture of Cameron acting normal? NICK CLEGG HANGING OUT WITH TINCHY STRYDER! http://t.co/0SGRYWph