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Nicola Adams' dog Dexter watches fight on kennel TV

Dexter the 10-month-old Doberman pet of boxer Nicola Adams holds his boxer stuffed toy as he watches her gold medal fight. Photo: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire/Press Association Images

As Nicola Adams triumphed in the ExCeL arena, her dog, Dexter, was excitedly watching the action 200 miles away.

The 10-month-old Doberman had the gold medal winning fight beamed directly into his "apartment" at the Leeds pet boarding centre where he is staying while Adams is busy conquering the world in London.

Dexter was extremely excitable for the first three rounds but, as the fourth round developed he stopped and watched his mistress on his kennel TV, pawing at the glass separating him from the screen.

Clutching his Team GB boxing meerkat, he paced and looked agitated as he and the staff waited for the referee to raise Adams's arm.

James Cundy, from mypetstop pet boarding, said: "We think it is quite unusual.

"But he can certainly hear Nicola and we think he is referencing that Nicola is on TV."

But Mr Cundy said Dexter does not spend his days watching the box.

"Absolutely not," he said. "That's the last thing that he's got to do.

Adams won an historic first Olympic gold medal in women's boxing. Credit: Nick Potts/PA Wire/Press Association Images

He added: "He likes to be out and about, getting exercise and generally enjoying himself.

"He's on holiday here as well, That's what we like to say.

"I'm sure he keeps Nicola very, very busy when she's back up here in Leeds."

And he said: "He's a fabulous dog, very energetic."

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