Weather to stay dry for closing ceremony

The closing ceremony will be dry and warm. Photo:

The fine, warm settled spell will just about cling on into the weekend.

There’ll be fine, bright conditions tomorrow but with a bit more of a breeze, it wont feel quite a warm as it has been with highs of 26 degrees.

Showers will be developing across most of the west on Sunday, working into central and eastern regions through the afternoon.

There’ll be a risk of some lively, sharp downpours, but these will be hit and miss. Some places will escape these and stay dry all day.

I can barely remember what life was like before the Olympics. I don’t really want it to end…

If you are planning to be out celebrating the last two weeks of sporty high, lows and golds it’ll be worth knowing there’ll be just a low risk of a shower drifting into east London to coincide with the closing ceremony and a high chance I’ll remain dry.

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