'Young gun' becomes Mitt Romney's running mate

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's running mate Photo: Reuters

Paul Ryan was a Congressman at the age of 28. And now at the age of 42 he has been selected to be Mitt Romney's running mate. No wonder he calls himself a young gun.

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's confirmed running mate Credit: Reuters

And whatever else the Obama campaign throws at him over the next 3 months, no one will accuse the Congressman from Wisconsin, who adores hunting with a bow and catching catfish with his bare hands, of being bland.

For America's right-wing, Ryan is a dream-come-true - a real fiscal conservative who wants to do some serious budget cutting. That simple fact will shake up this Presidential race.

A supporter of Republican US presidential candidate Romney Credit: Reuters

It excites the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party who want a bloated Washington cut down to size and it provides the Democrats with a clear target. So expect the political fireworks to begin.

This Presidential race has just taken shape and voters have a clear choice.