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Harry and Amelia top the list of popular baby names

Move over Oliver and Olivia, last year's most popular baby names have been replaced by new kids on the block - Harry and Amelia.

The latest list of top ten baby names for boys and girls has been released by the Office for National Statistics covering nine English regions and Wales.

New born baby at Derby Royal Hospital Credit: PA Wire


  • Harry was the most popular boys' name in seven English regions
  • Jack was the most popular in the North East
  • Daniel the most popular in London
Word cloud showing some of the most popular boys' names Credit: ONS
Word cloud showing some of the most popular girls' names Credit: ONS


  • Lily was the most popular name in five regions
  • Amelia most popular in the East and West Midlands
  • Isabella proved most popular in London

In addition, three names in the top 10 for Wales, which are not in the top 10 for England are:

  • Riley (number 13 in England)
  • Ethan (number 11 in England)
  • Dylan (number 24 in England)