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Multinational military drill on display in Mongolia

Mongolian military take part in a multinational peacekeeping exercise. Photo: Reuters

Soldiers from around the world are in Mongolia for the 10th "Khaan Quest" multinational peacekeeping exercise.

More than 1,000 soldiers from 12 countries, including Mongolia, India, Germany, Britain, Japan, South Korea, and the US are taking part in the 12-day training exercise.

This year's manoeuvres consist of various courses including battalion level staff exercises, platoon level counter-improvised explosive device training, field training and medical outreach.

Sun Xusheng, a military attache with the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia said:

From a military point of view, the exercise is only tactical, and on a small scale. I personally think that its significance is more political than military.

The first "Khaan Quest" exercise was conducted in 2003 between the US and Mongolia. It has become an annual event since then. This year's Khaan Quest will end on August 24.