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The London 2012 exodus

Ranomi Kromowidjojo who won two gold medals and a silver in swimming for the Dutch Olympic team Photo: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

The London Olympics have seen the excitement, the excellence and today came the inevitable exodus, as athletes from around the world packed up and left for home.

The Irish team arrive back in Dublin Credit: PA

Heathrow set up a special Games Terminal.

It will play host to some 8,000 athletes, each expected to be carrying between three and five out-sized bags, over the next three days.

Equivalent in size to three Olympic swimming pools, the terminal has 31 check-in desks and seven security lanes to help deal with the high number of departures.

ITV News reporter Martha Fairlie reports:

The great Olympic getaway is underway. Ten thousand athletes heading home. Six thousand through Heathrow Airport.

The Belgium team leave London Credit: PA

The athletes left with memories, medals and other souvenirs and the applause of millions ringing in their ears.